NSW DEC Homestay Survey Results

The 2012 International Student Survey found that 87 per cent of international students in Australia were satisfied or very satisfied with their study and living experience here, up from 86 per cent in 2010.

More than 90 per cent of over 50,000 respondents indicated that personal safety was one of their main reasons for choosing to study in Australia.

According to recent figures supplied by DEC International:

  • 72% of students rated homestay as GOOD to VERY GOOD
  • 73% felt the quality of accommodation was GOOD to VERY GOOD
  • 60% felt quality of care was GOOD

When asked about the good things about their homestay:

  • 22% enjoyed the food
  • 19% reported nice and friendly family members
  • 10% commented on their room

While 7% reported that their current homestay was very loud and noisy, 30% did not have anything negative to say about their current homestay.

  • 62.5% of students did not change their homestay
  • 32.5% had changed 1-3 times

For those that did change homestay, the following reasons were mentioned:

  • 31% changed because they were dissatisfied with food & living conditions
  • 19% changed for travel reasons/ change of school to a different area
  • 18% changed because students had a poor relationship with host
  • 12% changed homestay because they moved to independent living (>18)

(Source: DEC International)