Student Fees & Conditions

2017 2018
Placement & Administration Fee $A300 (GST inclusive) $A330 (GST inclusive)
Airport Transfer (one way – within 80km)* $A143 (GST inclusive) $A160 (GST inclusive)
Weekly Homestay Fee (SINGLE) $A310 $A330
Study Abroad Weekly Homestay Fee (SINGLE)** $A285 $A300
Weekly Homestay Fee (TWIN)*** $A290 per person $A310 per person
Homestay (Extra Night) $A45 per night $A47 per night
Annual Screening Fee for Parent Nominated Homestay**** $A300 per check (GST inclusive) $A330 per check (GST inclusive)
Refund & Cancellation Service Fee $A100 (GST inclusive) $A110 (GST inclusive)

2017 2018
Placement & Administration Fee $A300 (GST inclusive) $A330 (GST inclusive)
Airport Transfer (one way – within 80km)* $A143 (GST inclusive) $A160 (GST inclusive)
Weekly Homestay Fee (Under 18) $A310 $A330
Weekly Homestay Fee (Over 18) $A280 $A300
Homestay (Extra Night) $A45 per night $A47 per night
Refund & Cancellation Service Fee $A100 (GST inclusive) $A110 (GST inclusive)
  • Fees quoted in Australian dollars (GST inclusive where applicable) per person and are subject to change without notice.
  • Placement & Administration Fee and Airport Transfer Fee are non-refundable.
  • Oz Homestay manages homestay payments for the whole duration of students’ stay.
  • Holiday Room Holding: Students will pay 50% of their weekly fees during school holidays while they return to their home countries, however the student must notify Oz Homestay and the host two weeks prior to departure. Students must be away for a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Home Fee includes three meals a day and food should be available for students to make themselves a light lunch (e.g. a sandwich and piece of fruit)
  • All homes are located within 45 minutes travel time to the students place of study.
  • Refund and Cancellation Service Fee applies to ALL refunds and cancellations
  • *Excess Baggage: 2 large suitcases and 1 carryon are included in the airport transfer fee. Any excess must be booked and paid for in advance.
      Pre-paid Excess Baggage $30 (paid in advance)
      On arrival Excess Baggage $60
  • **Study Abroad are students on special packages with Department of Education NSW for a set period of enrolment.
  • ***Twin share – students must apply together and state each other’s name in special request field on application.
  • ****Parent Nominated Homestay – Parents of students who are enrolling for Years 9 to 12 in NSW public and private high schools may nominate for their child to live with close family friends or distant relatives. An annual accommodation screening fee applies to ensure that the nominated homestay meets all requirements the school require to approve the arrangement.
Optional extras (if available):
Internet Access $A10 per week
Disclaimer: Oz Homestay makes every effort to select honest and bona fide host families. Each home is regularly inspected for suitability to host an international student. Whilst all care is taken, Oz Homestay cannot be held responsible for any undesirable or negligent actions by the host family or the student. Homestay hosts are advised:
  • To ensure that their Household contents insurance policy is inclusive of incidents caused by boarders.
  • To ensure that host’s Home Buildings Insurance Policy includes Public Liability.
  • All damages are the responsibility of the student.
Conditions & Cancellation Policy:
  • Accommodation Placement Fee and Airport Pickup fee are non-refundable.
  • Please note that accommodation will not be confirmed until all invoices are paid in full, completed application form and flight itinerary received by Oz Homestay.
  • Accommodation booking is for a minimum of 4 weeks or length of study if shorter than 4 weeks.
  • Full homestay fees are only refundable if cancellation received prior to 48 hrs of arrival in Sydney.
  • Homestay fees will incur a 50% Cancellation fee if notification received within 48 hrs of arrival.
  • Full refund of homestay fees are only given in extreme circumstances after the student’s arrival at Oz Homestay’s discretion.
  • If a student wishes to change his/her accommodation Oz Homestay and the family must be informed two weeks in advance. If two full weeks notice is not given, the family must still be paid for this two week period.
  • If a student wishes to change families within the period of his/her original booking then an administration fee will apply. Change of family after the initial booking period will be treated as a new placement and a new placement fee must be paid.
  • No airport transfer refund applies if a student cannot locate the driver. The student must call emergency numbers & follow our instructions. We will contact the driver and make sure that student and driver link up. Students that make their own way to the host family without calling emergency numbers and following our instructions will not have their transfer fee refunded.
  • Holiday Fees: Students returning to their home country pay 50% of homestay fee to reserve their rooms.  Copy of flight itinerary must be provided to Oz Homestay in advance of holiday.  Students pay full rate while they are in Australia whether the room is occupied or not.
  • Public Holiday Surcharges: Students wishing to arrive on Australian public holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Year will incur an additional surcharge of $150.
  • All homestay fees are payable to Oz Homestay in advance. Ongoing payments can be made according to Oz Homestay’s invoices.
Signed Agreement: Signing the student application form and/or moving in to your assigned homestay indicates that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Oz Homestay as outlined above.