Host Family Fees & Conditions

The fee that you receive for hosting a student is dependent on a number of factors – including the age of the student and the program of study that they are participating in. All fees and method of payment will be confirmed with you in the booking letter you receive on acceptance of the placement.
2017 2018
Weekly Single Homestay Fee (Age 18 And Over) $A280 per person $A300 per person
Weekly Single Homestay Fee (Under 18) $A310 per person $A330 per person
Study Abroad Weekly Single Homestay Fee* $A285 per person $A300 per person
Weekly Twin Homestay Fee** $A290 per person $A310 per person
  • Students book for an initial 4 to 24 week period, with the possibility of an extension.
  • The fee for the first 4 weeks is paid to you within 5 working days of the student’s arrival.
  • If the student extends, homestay fees are to be paid by student/Oz Homestay every 4 weeks (please refer to individual booking letter).
  • Holiday Room Holding: Students pay 50% of their weekly fees during school holidays while they return to their home countries, however the student must notify Oz Homestay and the host two weeks prior to departure. Students must be away for a minimum of 7 nights.
  • *Study Abroad are students on special packages with Department of Education NSW for a set period of enrolment.
  • **Twin share – students must apply together and state each other’s name in special request field on application.
  • Please note that Oz Homestay charges HOSTS a 7% service fee on weekly homestay fee for the whole duration of student’s stay.
  • Study Tour Students fee paid depends on the special conditions of the tour.
  • Fee will always be confirmed with you prior to your acceptance of the placement.
Please note:
  • Homestay Weekly fee included three meals a day and food should be available for students to make themselves a light lunch (a sandwich and piece of fruit) and an after school snack.
  • Twin share is very rare unless two friends or relatives are travelling together.
  • In addition to the above fees, please consult with Oz Homestay for if you wish to impose any additional charges.
  • Ensure that host’s Household contents insurance policy is inclusive of incidents caused by boarders.
  • Ensure that host’s Home Buildings Insurance Policy includes Public Liability.
  • All damages are the responsibility of the student.