Institution FAQs

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  • Our student is unhappy with the homestay placement – how can we assist?

    If students have any issues in relation to their accommodation, they should first speak to a Oz Homestay staff member. Students will be encouraged to discuss the issue with their hosts first if appropriate. If the issue is not resolved or students are not comfortable is discussing it with their hosts, Oz Homestay staff will speak to both parties to try and reach a resolution. In most cases, issues can be resolved by simply communicating between both parties. Oz Homestay staff are always available to provide an ongoing monitoring and support service to students and homestay families.

    If there is still no resolution, our staff will take any further action required. After all, we understand that how important their homestay experience can influence the success of students’ studies.

  • Besides a homestay profile, what other information can you provide to students prior moving into homestay?

    With each booking, a homestay guideline is attached with a homestay profile to confirm the accommodation. Our guideline covers household rules relating to general courtesy, meals, telephone, internet, students’ personal belongs, etc. Our staff are also available to attend orientation days on campus to answer any questions students may have relating to homestay accommodation. For further details, please contact Oz Homestay.

  • Is there a minimum age for your homestay program?

    We do not accept students under 15 years of age for individual bookings. It may be negotiable for study tour bookings.

  • Are students eligible for concession travel on public transport?

    Unfortunately International students are not eligible for any travel concessions. If you are 16 years and over, you must pay the adult rate for all transport, otherwise you will be fined $200 if caught travelling on the incorrect ticket.

  • What is the maximum number of students per homestay?

    There are to be no more than 3 overseas students residing in a single homestay.

  • What measures does Oz Homestay take to ensure the homestay is a safe environment for students?

    Oz Homestay ensures that all adults residing in a homestay have undertaken the working with children screening checks in compliance with the Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998. Oz Homestay representatives also visit every potential homestay to view the bedroom(s) available for students and the common areas of the home.

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