Earlier 2016 the Department of Education have advised that their under 18 students should not be charged additional fees for internet access in the homestay. Most host families have come back to us and advised that they are happy to provide this to their students for free, as they have unlimited internet plans for the family already. However, you are not obligated to provide the internet.

If you are not willing/able to provide free internet, please see the following pre-paid internet option that your student may be interested in arranging.

Additional Charges

It has recently come to our attention that some host families are charging students for items that should be included in the weekly homestay fee. Please note that no additional fees should be charged to the student without discussing first with our staff. If the student reports that they are being charged additional fees to the Department of Education, we will be asked to remove the students from your home. Students should NOT be charged for standard household items – including toilet paper, washing detergent etc. Students under 18 should also be provided with food that they can use to make a light lunch each day at no extra charge. If they are wanting cooked lunches they need to provide this themselves.