It seems that with the changeover from paper tickets to opal cards, there has been some confusion as to what exactly the students are eligible for and the best way for them to purchase tickets and get the discounted travel. There are two types of Opal Cards for High School students, which does make things more confusing.

Green Opal Card (Child/Youth) – this card provides discounted travel and is valid at any time for authorised students. This is the card our students should have.

Opal Card (Schools) – this is for free travel between home and school only for local students. International Students are not eligible for this card.

To obtain the Green Opal Card, students need to take their student card with them when they purchase their opal card from an authorised opal card seller. If the seller does not accept their student card as identification, please ask the student to speak to the office staff at their school for proof they are eligible.

Please do check that your student is travelling on the correct card and that they are receiving the discounted travel they are entitled to.