Student Application Procedures

Step 1 – Complete Application Form Complete Application FormComplete the Student Online Application Form OR go to the Student Forms page, download the relevant PDF Application form, then print and FAX the completed form back to us.
Step 2 – Receive Invoice Receive InvoiceOz Homestay will send you an invoice for the placement fee, first four weeks accommodation fees and Airport Pickup fee (if requested).
Step 3 – Pay Invoice Make PaymentPay the invoice and send proof of payment to Oz Homestay.
Step 4 – Receive Confirmation Receive ConfirmationOz Homestay will provide you with the confirmed details of your Homestay placement and Airport Pickup (if requested).

Important Notice: Signing the student application form and/or moving in to your assigned homestay indicates that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of Oz Homestay as outlined on the Fees & Conditions page.